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Junction Box

Junction Box - Technoweigh

We have Designed junction box for the use of summing the signal outputs from multiple load cells. The body of the junction box is constructed using thick MS sheet and is powder-coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
The junction box is provided with a rubber seal on the top cover. All incoming and outgoing cables are routed through airtight cable glands. This arrangement prevents moisture and dust ingress in the box. This protects the internal circuit from dust and moisture deposits which further helps in preventing signal distortion. A high-quality signal offers a higher resolution or division size in the constructed weighing scale


  • Makes weigh scale installation fast and easy.
  • Powder-coated MS sheet enclosure sealed against moisture and dust.
  • Compression cable glands for load cell cables and the output cable to the indicator.
  • Signal trimming by trim pots for every load cell (corner error correction).
  • Section trimming by trim pots for every section.
  • Protection against high voltage induced by spikes, surges and lighting.