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Weighbridge installation - Technoweigh

When you are running an industrial business, it is important that you have the appropriate equipment with you. In this regard, one of the most valuable machines in industrial businesses is the “weighbridge“. This is true either you are operating as a manufacturer, distributor or even as a sales company.

Technoweigh India is Leading in manufacturers supplier and Exporters in India of weighbridge, electronic weighbridge, pitless weighing bridge, weighing machine, weight indicators, load cell etc. Since 1992, using state-of-art technology for all industries, jewellery and retail weighing requirements. we are providing value to our customer through the identification, documentation and fulfilment of quality, Affordability and servicing requirements.

We achieve this by producing reliable, high-quality products, and by partnering with our clients, pursuing continual improvements, focusing requirements of end-users, and by partnering with our clients, pursuing continual improvements, focusing requirements of end ensuring wide service area network in each market. Our range of product includes pitless weighbridge, RCC weighbridge, composite weighbridge ,mobile weighbridge, weighbridge indicator, intelligent terminal, Load cell, conversion kit,etc.

Industrial scales have become a necessity for many businesses in today’s life. These objects act as a heavy investment for a company, because of which they need to be chosen as per the defined set of requirements. They are used in industries for weighing heavy-duty vehicles, objects and materials.

Good Weighing Practice

  1. Regular checks should be made to ensure that there is clearance between the plate and its surrounding frame. If the weighing machine operates using a lever bottom work the plate should swing freely endways.
  2. Regular checks should be made to ensure that the weighbridge is properly balanced when unloaded and the indicator shows zero. The Weighbridge Operator must know how to balance the weighing machine.
  3. The balance of a weighbridge will be affected by the accumulation of dirt etc. on or around the plate. This should be regularly cleaned to avoid any excessive build-up.
  1. Beneath the plate, levers or load cells may be affected by the build-up of dirt (sand) and should be cleared as necessary. If your weighbridge is prone to such contamination a regular maintenance programme should be implemented.
  2. In a pit mounted weighbridge, balance and accuracy may be affected by a high water level in the pit which ‘floats’ the levers or the bottom work. In such circumstances pumping facilities should be available and the Weighbridge Operator will be expected to know how to use it.
  3. The most common cause of ‘balance’ error is due to rain on the plate. During periods of rain the balance should be checked and adjusted more frequently and again as the plate dries.